5 Not-So-Common STDs You Should Be Aware Of

5 Not-So-Common STDs You Should Be Aware Of

When people think of sexually-transmitted diseases, their minds automatically think of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV. However, these are not the only STDs out there. There are several not-so-commonly thought of STDs that can wreak havoc on a person’s life.


Half of all sufferers with this condition do not have any symptoms and have no idea they are infected. Trich, as it’s known by, can cause pain when having sex or urinating, causes a person to pee more often and have an atypical discharge.

Infections usually begin a month after first infected, and doctors urge sufferers to get medical advice. It’s believed that unprotected sex causes the infection to spread, it’s not believed to be passed through oral or anal sex.

Trich can be treated effectively with antibiotics.

Hepatitis B

This type of hepatitis isn’t as wide-known as the others, but it’s a serious liver infection that spreads via bodily fluids. People who engage in unprotected sex are at risk for the disease. Its symptoms include appetite loss, tiredness, diarrhea and sickness.


This is a rare disease but its symptoms which show up within a week of infection, include bumps or sores on the genitals that fill with puss and break open. When open, the disease is very contagious and can spread through sexual contact or a pre-existing cut. The disease is treatable with antibiotics.

Most of the Chancroid cases are attained overseas or from a person who has been overseas. It was highly prevalent in the 1950s but is much rarer today.


Many people have heard of scabies but don’t know it’s an STD. Tiny parasitic mites are the cause of the disease. The infection is passed to others by sexual or bodily contact, which includes children are at risk. The mites can be located anywhere on the body, not just in the genital region.

Symptoms may appear six weeks after the initial infection and can cause itchy, tiny red spots and inflammation in the infected area.

A doctor-prescribed special cream is the treatment for the condition.

Non-Specific Urethritis

This STD causes the urethra to become inflamed, making it hard for men to pee, feel like they have to always pee and cause a cloudy discharge to seep from their penis. While women can contract it, the symptoms are not well-known.

It can take up to two weeks before the symptoms rear their ugly head, but antibiotics can clear it up.

Mark Riegel, MD

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