Is it okay to use an antibiotic as a prophylactic regimen for an STD?

Treatment Regimen

Absolutely not. Considering the world's current situation, mindlessly using antibiotics is perhaps the worst thing that one can do in resolving their potential conditions without any diagnostic test performed to confirm or contradict one’s initial findings. Antibiotics are precious resources that are now subject to increasing resistances due to years of improper and unnecessary use of its mechanisms – allowing bacteria to adapt to its process and thus, rendering it ineffective for future utilizations. Using any antibiotic as an assumed “prophylactic” treatment for a potential STD could only precipitate one of two things: the antibiotic is suitable for the disease but is taken improperly, or the antibiotic is ineffective to the underlying condition. Both instances could trigger resistance mechanisms in the various microorganisms present in the body, producing more harm than good in the long run.

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