At-Home Testing Kits Just As Reliable As Doctor Offices and Clinics

At-Home Testing Kits Just As Reliable As Doctor Offices and Clinics

The number of people in the U.S. diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease has been rising rapidly.

For instance, there was a 76 percent increase in syphilis with another 67 percent in gonorrhea and 22 percent in chlamydia.

STDs are not just a national threat to human life but a global one.

The primary way to treat these diseases successful is to get diagnosed early on. And, the only way that can happen is to be tested for it. The problem is that people don’t like going to the doctor or clinic and getting tested, which is why there has been an increase in the number of STD at-home testing kits.

Of course, this leads one to wonder if at-home STD testing kits are reliable as the tests done in the clinics.

What exactly is an at-home STD test?

When you went to the doctor for an STD test, you would be given an exam and asked instructive but pertinent questions about partners you’ve had and your sexual history. You would have to wait for the results to come in, worrying for days until the results came back.

With an at-home testing kit, you can collect samples on your own – be it urine, blood or other fluids – and learn if you have an STD. These samples are sent to a certified lab, and you learn about the results within a week through the Internet. Everything stays confidential, and you don’t talk to about the results to anyone during the testing process.

What’s So Great About This Kind Of Testing?

Anybody who uses these tests are raving about the confidentiality including sex workers, small-town residents, LGBTQIA community members and sexually-active teenagers.

Besides one’s privacy, the test is convenient – taking minutes to order. Once the kit arrives, you provide a sample and send the kit back. This is a huge relief to those who don’t have time to sit in a doctor’s office.

How Accurate Are These Kits?

Many health experts say at-home STD testing is very reliable with outstanding accuracy rates compared to the tests that doctors and clinics use if a person were to get tested in person. Of course, it’s best to order an at-home testing kit from a reliable company, as there are many of them out there. You want a company that uses only FDA approved testing techniques.

Mark Riegel, MD

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