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Frequently Asked Questions About STDs

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Is it possible to get an STD from kissing?

Not necessarily. Unlike in oral sex where the oral cavity is in contact with the genitalia – one being a potential carrier of specific pathogens that cause an STD due to the prevalence of most STDs in that region – kissing does not necessarily involve the exchange of infective bodily fluids or any contact with any areas that could essentially transmit the causative microorganism for a particular STD. Oral Herpes, however, may be a rare exception to this, but the rates are slim nonetheless.

In some cases, yes. For such instances, physicians would commonly recommend that the partners of recently diagnosed patients be tested to determine whether the same condition has likewise infected them that their partner has. Following that, they would then be given the same treatment regimen or one appropriate for the severity of the condition they have.

Trichomoniasis is a relatively distinct STD because it is caused by neither a bacterial nor a viral infection. Trichomoniasis is an infection caused by a protozoan parasite known as Trichomonas vaginalis.

Considering that a wide variety of testing kits and laboratory procedures can be performed to determine conclusively whether you have a particular STD or not, the time that it will take for your results to return will also be subject to the same inconsistency. Although there are specific laboratories that could produce your results even by the end of the day (albeit, it is extremely rare for institutions to do so unless necessary), most would often take a few days to a week before the results are either delivered or posted online through your secure personal profile (in the case of online transactions). In addition to that, the capability of the laboratory performing the test may also contribute to the overall timeframe of result delivery – causing delays in cases where there are several requests or understaffed to provide expedited results.

Yes, mainly if the participating individuals employed the necessary protective measures to prevent the transmission of the pathogen from one individual to another. This is commonly seen in cases where the infected individual is unaware of their current infection – participating in intercourse while unknowingly being a potential source of infection. Although protective measures such as using a condom or practicing safe sex could only limit the risk for transmission to a certain point, employing such measures could precipitate such events where transmission was prevented even in situations where it was assumed to happen inevitably.

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