Black Tea Could Protect Body From STD Parasite

Black Tea Could Protect Body From STD Parasite

The U.S. Department of Agriculture conducted a study looking at black tea, and the agency found that the protective compound in black tea could help protect the body from the trichomoniasis parasite.

The agency discovered that many strains of T. vagilanis is resistant to metronidazole, and the parasite growth tied to trichomoniasis could increase one’s HIV vulnerability and hinder their ability to reproduce.

The report suggested Tomatine could prevent Trichomonas strains from growing in cattle, cats and humans. This is the same report that noted natural foods may be used to stop the development of trichomoniasis.

The research team with the University of the Pacific team looked at edible plans to stop the growth of pathogenic microbes and if the ingredients could break down the microbes’ cell membranes.

There were 10 solutions developed from the powdered edible plants including two black tea extracts, two green tea extracts and jujube fruit, red wine grape side extract, pomegranate seeds and pomegranate fruit extract. These solutions were noted as changing the three strains – Tritrichomonas foetus D3; T.vaginalis G3; and feline T foetus C1 – into non-dangerous bacteria.

The theaflavins ingredient in black tea was noted as to have the same absorption, and its extracts were the only solutions that hindered the three strains. It was the G3 strain that was the most susceptible to natural treatment methods. The most powerful effects came from black tea extracts; theaflavin extracts had lower levels than what was listed in the sample.

Various theaflavins were noted to use the same way to halt protozoa while theaflavins left the body’s lactobacilli bacteria alone. Green tea catechins had an impact on the D1 and G3 strains but no effects on C1 strains.

While the seed extract could inhibit the G3 strains, it was actually the pomegranate fruit extracts were far more effective in hindering the strains. Both types of pomegranate extracts had similar effects on the C1 strains but failed to make an impact on D1 strains. There was minimal effect on the strains by the jujube extracts.

The most resistant strains to natural inhibition are the C1 strains but were highly susceptible to grade seed extract.

According to the team, more research looking at black tea and tomatine extracts should be conducted to use as a natural treatment for trichomoniasis.

Written by Mark Riegel, MD

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