Gary Council To Approve $8,500 Transfer

Gary Council To Approve $8,500 Transfer

The Gary Common Council is set to approve a financial transfer for the Sexually-Transmitted Diseases program at its Health Department – a program that will cover the costs of properly getting rid of potentially contaminated substances.

The Finance Committee looked at the ordinance that would transfer $8,449 to ensure the current calendar years for its Sterile Cycle efforts. The process will ensure substances tainted by various substances in an STD test are gotten rid of in ways that do not cause the virus or bacteria to spread.

The money would be sent into the Health Department’s budget for contractual maintenance. It would derive from an area of the budget that covers wages and salaries.

Shirley Hawkins, health director, said the transfer was made possible with some department employees working fewer hours than what had been budgeted for. This led to the nearly $8,500 surplus in its payroll. She said the budget transfer would help significantly.

The ordinance’s final approval is scheduled to take place on Oct. 16 when the full Common Council meets once again. Members of the Finance Committee have said they support the measure.

Councilman Herb Smith said the money is a necessity to properly get rid of contaminated materials.

Written by Mark Riegel, MD

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