Health Testing Centers Provide SelfCollect STD Testing Kits

Health Testing Centers Provide SelfCollect STD Testing Kits

When it comes to STD lab testing, people want something they can afford and is convenient without giving up their privacy.

This is why Health Testing Centers has released a huge line of at-home STD testing kits from SelfCollect.

Health Testing Centers Co-Founder Keith Kloss said most people don’t like the idea of visiting their doctor or a lab to get tested for STDs, which is why they want to offer consumers a way to manage their sexual health and give them choices.

SelfCollect uses a CLIA-certified lab to ensure consumers have precise at-home STD testing. The lab has years of experience working with hospitals, doctors and clinics throughout the country. It’s a simple process and can be done without having to share private information or leaving one’s home. The kit provides detailed instructions on how to do the test – be it through vaginal, anal, oral or penile swabs.

SelfCollect’s all-inclusive male and female STD testing panels offer HPV genotyping to find more than 40 low and high-risk viruses. The Human Papillomavirus is an extremely common infection, but is underdiagnosed and can cause life-threatening cancers. SelfCollect tests that can be purchased include:

  • Male and Female STD panel – At-home test kit that tests for HSV type 1 and 2, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and low and high-risk HPV. The cost is $209.
  • High and Low-Risk HPV with Genotyping – At-home test kit that detects these infections through genotyping using an oral, anal, vaginal or penile swab. The cost is $149.

SelfCollect Director of Business Development Jennifer Solomon said HPV detection is usually an overlooked STD and not usually offered in a medical clinic setting, especially for male patients. SelfCollect, in partner with Health Testing Centers, means people can take charge of their own health and make decisions that are good for them.

Health Testing Centers has increased its line of at-home testing kits to over 70 panels that are sent right to a consumer’s home such as STD testing, food sensitivity, vitamins, hormones, genetics, etc. On top of that, Health Testing Center offers easy sample collection, doctor-reviewed results and free shipping. It’s also working with independent doctors to provide prescriptions to people with certain STDs.

Written by Mark Riegel, MD

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