Kern County Officials Urge Parents To Talk To Kids About Sex

Kern County Officials Urge Parents To Talk To Kids About Sex

Local families in Kern County are being urged to talk with each other about sex and the vast consequences it entails.

Kern County Public Health launched a campaign two years ago to battle the rising rates of STDs – rates that appear to have hit California the hardest.

Kern County Public Health employee Michelle Corson said there have been nearly 10,000 new STD cases diagnosed just this year. That equates to one STD every hour.

The campaign, which has three phases, had its final phase implemented a few weeks ago. The phase is trying to inform young individuals who take part in risky behavior about the dangers. These behaviors include having sex without using condoms and having sex with more than one partner.

Corson said, despite the work, the real education children get come from their parents at home. According to various studies, children want to hear from their parents about sex. She said this is the surefire way to combat the problem, but work must be done. Corson said parents hopefully will start talking to their children and, with the campaign’s efforts, the number of STD cases will begin to drop.

Written by Mark Riegel, MD

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