State Institutes Campaign To Bring Awareness of STDs

State Institutes Campaign To Bring Awareness of STDs

The Connecticut Department of Public Health said its #Leaveittous” campaign is calling people to warn them of a potential STD exposure after an anonymous partner of theirs has been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease.

The agency said the effort is being put forth to stem the five-year-high STD rate.

According to the STD Control Program Coordinator and deputy state epidemiologist Dr. Lynn Sosa, people should not screen their calls from the agency’s number. She understands how scary it can be to talk about STDs with partners or to receive such a call from the health department, but Sosa wanted people to understand that they are there to assist them.

The premise behind the public awareness campaign is to motivate people to see their doctor and get tested. If they turn out to be positive, get treated.

Sosa said the number of STDs being reported may be due to better tests. Labs can actually detect a person with STD without them having any physical symptoms. She said the health department is also getting regular electronic reports, which allows them to keep track of the information.

Sosa said a rise in the STD numbers may also be behavior, as more people are using dating apps to find partners.

Written by Mark Riegel, MD

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