Study Reveals People Still Have Sex With STD-Infected Individuals

Study Reveals People Still Have Sex With STD-Infected Individuals

Most people, despite knowing a person has a sexually transmitted disease, still engage in sexual activity with that person. That’s according to a recent study.

Durex, along with VICE, carried out worldwide research on the behaviors and attitudes of safe sex and sexual health for World AIDS Day, which was Dec. 1. According to the research, young people understand how important it is to talk to their partners about STDs. However, the study noted that conversations were not taking place and most were not taking proactive measures to protect themselves.

Many of the study’s respondents were afraid of catching HIV the most, with many still thinking it’s a death sentence.

The study looked at 2,500 people total – split evenly between men and women – in the U.S. Canada, Nordic countries and Brazil. It noted that 95 percent know it’s important to talk to their partner about STDs, but just 35 percent hold that conversation. 30 percent of the respondents have yet to be tested for STDs with over 60 percent of them not getting tested since their last sex partner. When a new partner was made aware of an STD, 73 percent of them still had sex with the infected individual. 83 percent of people who use condoms never had an STD.

The study revealed that young people know about the risks of HIV and other STDs, but one in two feel they are at risk for getting one. 71 percent of the respondents said HIV is the biggest problem with one in four saying it’s the biggest epidemic in the world.

Written by Mark Riegel, MD

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