4-Year-Old Girl Finds Condom In Playground, Condom Tests Positive For Chlamydia

4-Year-Old Girl Finds Condom In Playground, Condom Tests Positive For Chlamydia

When a four-year-old girl found a condom on the school playground during recess, she was blowing it like a balloon. What makes this story even worse is that the condom in question had tested positive for chlamydia - a sexually transmitted disease.

The little girl attends the Milwaukee Academy of Chinese Language (Wisconsin), and the school called the parents informing them she needed to be taken to the hospital.

Her father, George Harrell, said he’s very upset because nobody seems to care. He said he was told the condom was in the tot-lot play area of the playground, and his daughter was blowing air into it, thinking it was a balloon.

A teacher saw the little girl with the condom and took it away. The condom was tested and found to have traces of chlamydia.

Harrell said he shudders when he thinks about where the condom was before it was disposed of in the playground. He said this should never have happened – not to her.

While the little girl was not positive for chlamydia, the doctors gave her antibiotics anyway just to make sure.

The school’s playground is located near The Rave, which is a popular concert spot. Parents want to know why the playground hadn’t been cleaned before the children went outside.

Harrell has since removed his daughter from that school to another one.

The Milwaukee Public School district said the teacher acted right away and brought her to the school nurse, who then called the parents. The school is with the family about their concerns and is looking for ways to better secure the area. They have also asked MPD to do more patrolling from now on in their area.

Written by Mark Riegel, MD

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