Are We in Denial Again? HIV and AIDS Revisited

Are We in Denial Again? HIV and AIDS Revisited

I've done my fair share of reading and research on the topic of HIV/AIDS. Mostly to educate myself of on the subject and to be able to understand the dynamics of the disease as a whole.

Recently, I've noticed a trend developing among the newest infections. In the past it was thought to be a disease that afflicted mostly Homosexual men and IV Drug users. Over the past decade or so, there have been an increasing number of women diagnosed with HIV. In my findings a disproportionate number of women, especially women of color have been infected. According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 62% of the women in this country living with AIDS are African American.

I don't want to be the barer of bad news here people but, this disease is not and will not go away as long as we continue to ignore the facts. The thing that prompted me to go revisit the topic was a video that I recently viewed on a random website. Without getting into the details of where, when and how; all I remember was the arrogance and the self righteousness' that spewed from the person telling the story of how he had allegedly infected over 12,000, yes I said twelve thousand black, white and Latino girls and women ages 15 to 30 with the virus that causes AIDS. At the end of the day, this man may very well be in denial himself, I mean lets be realistic here, twelve thousand partners, I venture to say this is a clear case of over exaggeration however, lets humor this guy just for a moment. Let's say he infected twelve hundred women and girls or let's go for a more realistic number, say two hundred? That's still two hundred more women and girls who are infected with the virus that causes AIDS, not to mention countless others who may have come into direct and indirect contact with these women through partners of partners and so on. This story may very well be as real as a four dollar bill, true or not, it's become one of the most thought provoking topics that I've come across in many moons.

The way this person took it in his own hands to decide to spread the disease is mind boggling. In his very cowardly way (he wore a scarf around his mouth and nose while filming) he went on to specifically NAME over 10 women and girls of whom he had allegedly infected. First and Last names. It's been about two weeks since I initially viewed the video and I can't stop thinking about it. It's was almost as if he thought he was doing a good deed. According to him, these girls in the "ghetto" need to be taught a lesson, they are too fast and he felt it was his duty to slow them down. What better way to slow a person down then to cause irreversible damage to their immune system. His attitude was since he feels he is going down, its his right to take as many people down with him, he actually said that, not in those words, he was way more graphic.

He went on about how he drives a nice car and how easy it was for him to sit in front of any night club in New York and other major cities across the country to pick up these women and girls. He even claimed to have infected an 18 year old virgin. Maybe its just me, but an 18 year old virgin in this day and age is a rare find, clearly this is one heartless piece of work to do something like this to these women and girls, let alone a virgin.

He bragged about how he would just take them to his home or a hotel and have unprotected sex with them, some of them he claimed to have slept with more than once. The one thing that stuck in my mind was him mentioning the fact that none of these girls asked him to wear a condom.

I proceeded to forward the video to EVERY ONE of my contacts. You see, I've been among the very unfortunate people in this world who have had the experience of losing very close family members including both parents to this disease. It's not only hurtful but , it's discouraging because a few of them were too ashamed to share their condition with their loved ones. It's only speculative of me to say this but, I can only imagine the stress and turmoil that comes with feeling like you have to hide such a life altering secret.

Please note; I have much more to say about this subject and many others, I hate to leave you hanging but, I gotta go for now. Anyway, be safe and protect yourself, until next time....stay tuned.

Oh wait, another thing, I have the burning desire to discuss Oral sex and not in the way you all are thinking. I recently overheard two teenage girls going on and on about how their "head game" is "sick" ("sick" means really good in some circles) how ironic is that, oh and ( "head game" means giving oral sex) and about how they don't like to use condoms. It's the same story over and over; however we really need a different perspective on this. HIV and AIDS is not going away, its not your gay uncle Trent's disease anymore and the sooner we wake up and have one single moment of clarity, we can do something about prevention and education.

Remember, these are solely the warped opinions of a jaded city girl with way too many shoes and a glimmer of hope that we will all realize that it takes only one drop of HIV/AIDS infected semen or blood to invade your system for you to catch this horribly debilitating, often fatal disease.

Feel free to comment, vent, disagree, cry, scream, seek answers, or deny, do whatever you need to get it out, whatever it may be.


Written by Mark Riegel, MD

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