Gonorrhea is easily treated with a single dose of the following antibiotics:

  • Metronidazole. Orally twice a day for seven days or topically twice daily for five days.
  • Clindamycin. Orally twice a day for seven days or topically before bed for seven days.

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Recovery Time

Treatment takes between five and seven days, however, recovery may not be complete for a few days after that.

Sexual Activity

If you have bacterial vaginosis, your male sexual partners do not need to be treated. However, bacterial vaginosis can be spread between female sex partners; as such, they should be tested and treated. Additionally, sex should be avoided until both partners are free from infection. Re-infection is entirely possible with bacterial vaginosis; as such, it is advisable to take whatever precautions possible.

Mark Riegel, MD

Quick snapshot

Can it be cured?

Yes. Bacterial vaginosis is easily treated.

Type of Infection

Bacterial. Caused by various bacteria.

How is treated?

Antibiotics. Metronidazole or Clindamycin taken for 5 to 7 days.

Recovery Time

Upto 2 weeks. One to two weeks can be needed for symptoms to fully disappear.

Can I have sex?

No. Sex with female partners should be avoided to prevent spread of the infection.

Can I get re-infected?

Yes. Doctors are unsure of the precise cause of bacterial vaginosis.