CheckMate Healthcare Create Mobile App To Remove Stigma Tied To STD Status

CheckMate Healthcare Create Mobile App To Remove Stigma Tied To STD Status

CheckMate Healthcare created a mobile app CheckMate letting consumers who suspect they have a sexually transmitted disease to seek the help they need either in-home or through a CheckMate-affiliated lab.

For the at-home method, people can test for the STD themselves. They are mailed a discreet self-test kit that they use and then send off to the company for testing. Once the results are ready, users can find learn what they are within 48 hours

For in-lab, the app will provide people with a list of nearby labs that don’t ask for ID or appointments. Users will prepay for the test via the app and get the results within 24 hours after testing.

If a patient’s results are positive for an STD, the app offers a free doctor’s consultation via telemedicine. Prescriptions for gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis or herpes simplex virus 2 can be sent to a local pharmacy.

CheckMate CEO Marc Schonberger said users could share their results via e-mail, text or dating profiles. He said it would include the date the patient was tested and what they were tested for. The idea behind the app, Schonberger said, was to remove the stigma of STD status and let people ask if they use a particular program like CheckMate.

CheckMate uses CAP and CLIA-certified labs for their tests with the results stored in HIPAA compliant servers.

CheckMate is just one of many at-home and e-health testing programs. Prices will vary according to the STD test needed and what method they opt for. For example, an at-home Triple Check of chlamydia and gonorrhea 3-site check will run $199. An at-home Basic Check for the two diseases cost $149. The Lab Basic Check price for both chlamydia and gonorrhea runs $149 as well. If a patient just needs to test for one disease, they can run anywhere from $73 to $95.

Written by Mark Riegel, MD

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