People Eye At-Home STD Testing Kits

People Eye At-Home STD Testing Kits

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said sexually transmitted diseases are increasing all around the United States – chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis are all rising, and people are coming to the Internet to get help.

While everybody may not like to talk about it, it’s a key conversation one needs to have.

Fargo resident Colin Delisi said a lot of people don’t want to express why they need to be tested or their concerns about STDs. He said people are not visiting their doctors to get tested, but turning to the Internet where they’re ordering from companies offering an STD testing kit to be done in the comfort of their own home.

Delisi said these tests are a great idea because of the stigma associated with STDs – the awkwardness of being tested for these diseases. At home, people can take the test, and no one else is the wiser about it.

His brother, Mark Delisi, said it’s similar to contraceptive. Teenagers don’t want their parents to know they are using condoms or taking birth control pills, which means they have to do it themselves.

Still, some people are hesitant about using these tests for two reasons – cost and accuracy.

No matter what, with the rise in STDs for the fifth straight year, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

People can find home testing STD kits for any number of common sexually transmitted diseases from $30 to more than $300.

Written by Mark Riegel, MD

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