Women Are Urged To Consider Female Condoms

Women Are Urged To Consider Female Condoms

Dr. Sekina Bello with Pathfinder International Nigeria (NGO) has suggested women use female condoms to help prevent the spread of STDs and family planning.

According to Bello, the female condom is the only option women have in family planning and STD protection.

She said when the female condom is worn properly, women don’t even realize the barrier, and it still gives them a skin-to-skin feeling. She said if the male partner wants to use protection but has a reaction to latex, the female condom is a good option. She said the condom comprises of FC2, which is hypoallergenic.

Bello said this alleviates the stress that can come with sex and still give them the most pleasure.

She continued saying, the NGO would still educate and train both sexes on the benefits of the female condom and the importance of using male condoms too when possible.

Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria Regional Coordinator Mary Bawa is asking women to open their minds up about the female condom. She said the female condoms offer a plethora of benefits that removes the worry that comes with having sex. Bawa said women should take care of themselves to avoid STDs while also using some type of birth control. According to Bawa, female condoms provide protection and safety and doesn’t limit one’s pleasure.

Written by Mark Riegel, MD

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