Could Sex Robots Help Lower The STI Transmissions

Could Sex Robots Help Lower The STI Transmissions

Technology developers around the world are working to meet a rising demand in sexualized artificially intelligent androids that look human.

Two companies – Synthea Amatus and Realbotix – are creating sex robots, claiming they have real health and social benefits.

Realbotix CEO and founder Matt McMullen said the primary goal of the sex robot is to give people unable to form a conventional relationship some joy. McMullen’s ambition was to develop sex robots to replace prostitution.

Dr. David Levy, an AI expert and author of Love and Sex with Robots, said robots could help to decrease the cases of STIs.

The scientific and academics community has been highly critical of sex robot developers, who have produced top-of-the-line androids that can speak.

Two researchers published a paper looking at the alleged benefits of sex robots. St. George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Doctor and Sex Health Expert Dr. Chantal Cox-George and Women’s Health Academic Centre in London Professor Susan Bewley looked at the pros and cons of the industry.

Although many scientists are interested in this possibility, both researchers did not find any conclusive evidence that sex robots would have health benefits. They also did not find robots could stop sex trafficking and prostitution industry.

According to the researchers, hypothetically, robot prostitutes would slow the spread of STIs, if they are made of bacteria-resistant fiber that could be cleaned after people use them. The intention is optimistic, and these bots can already be purchased or lease for use.

However, they say, it’s speculative if the sexbot market could lower the chances for infections and violence.

Bewley said the sexbot marketplace would not be geared toward healthcare. And, the argument about them being beneficial for one’s health is theoretical.

Although sex robots may not be beneficial in decreasing STIs, both researchers say a demand for these robots will continue.

Written by Mark Riegel, MD

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