Do I have Gonorrhea?

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Gonorrhea Symptom Checker


Symptoms usually appear 1 week after infection.

Patients may be carriers of gonorrhea for months before they show any symptoms. However, usually symptoms show up within a week of infection and can take a variety of forms:

  • Abnormal discharge
  • Bleeding during intercourse
  • Pain during urination
  • Painful, swollen testicles

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Mark Riegel, MD

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Can it be cured?

Yes. Gonorrhea is easily treated with a course of antibiotics.

Type of Infection

Bacterial. Gonorrhea is caused by the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterium.

How is it treated?

Antibiotics. A single Cefixime, Ceftriaxone, or Cephalosporin.

Recovery Time

Upto 1 week. One to two weeks can be needed for symptoms to fully disappear.

Can I have sex?

No. Sexual activity should be avoided until treatment is successful.

Can I get re-infected?

Yes. Re-infection is possible from sexual activity with an infected person.