Montana Government Health Officials Created HIV Locator Website

Montana Government Health Officials Created HIV Locator Website

Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services has developed a website called to help residents find local HIV testing centers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, everybody between 13 and 64 who are sexually active should have an HIV test as part of their annual healthcare checkup. Anybody who shares needles to do drugs, sexually-active gay men or bisexuals are encouraged to get tested more than once a year.

Public health partners have come up with the website to make it easier for residents to find testing locations in the state. Many of these clinics offer their services free of charge and anonymously.

Dana Fejes with DPHHS STD/HIV Prevention said the people who conducted these tests are dedicated people who want to help people learn if they have an STD like HIV. They can also provide information on how a person can reduce their risk of HIV exposure.

The state’s HIV testing network conducted over 2,000 HIV tests in 2017, with six of those being confirmed as HIV positive. Counselors can direct clients to the right services to ensure they stay healthy and protect others from spreading the disease. In the majority of cases, the results come back in 30 minutes or less and can detect HIV exposure after one month of being exposed to the virus.

It’s believed that 1.1 million people in the U.S. are HIV positive. The state believes there are around 700 residents with the disease. HIV treatments can help people live long, healthy productive lives.

DPHHS works in close conjunction with local partners and offers case management support and in-depth HIV treatment services. These services can be found throughout the state with case managers on hand to assist anybody with HIV learn about the different healthcare options.

Written by Mark Riegel, MD

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