Trichomoniasis: Another Sexually Transmitted Disease You Didn’t Know Existed and Could Have

Trichomoniasis: Another Sexually Transmitted Disease You Didn’t Know Existed and Could Have

The majority of people have a good understanding of sexually transmitted diseases, even if they’d rather not know about them thanks to their junior high or high school health class.

Although trichomoniasis is one of the most common STDs out there, it’s often an overlooked disease – it doesn’t get the attention it deserves and needs. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there are 3.7 billion cases a year of trichomoniasis and is extremely curable.

According to a report from Grand Forks, North Dakota, health officials are seeing an alarming amount of new cases of the STD. Its symptoms mimic other STDs such as painful urination, genital itching and foul-smelling discharge.

The problem with trichomoniasis is that the signs of the condition aren't always present. In fact, the CDC said nearly 70 percent of people who have the STD have no symptoms. The Grand Forks report shows that men are the gender being diagnosed more with the disease.

This STD is caused by the protozoan parasite, which oral medications can treat and cure. However, since most people don’t know they are infected with the disease, they don’t get the treatment needed. On top of that, they unknowingly spread it to other people.

What’s the problem with trichomoniasis?

Women infected with this STD can have premature babies who are typically born with low birth weights. The genital itching that comes with it makes people more at risk for catching HIV.

While humans have, in large part, beaten most STDs out there, it’s still important to engage in safety practices when having sex. The CDC recommends that people use condoms or commit to a monogamous relationship but won’t go as far as suggestion abstinence to prevent the spread of STDs.

It’s also worth knowing that condoms are not 100 percent effective again STDs including trichomoniasis.

Mark Riegel, MD

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