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Is it Possible to Get Free STD Testing?

More often than not, the health departments provide confidential clinics that offer free STD testing particularly HIV but will also offer tests on other sexually transmitted diseases. Some confidential clinics even offer tests for viral hepatitis. The good news is there are wide options of clinics that you can go for. You can even easily find the addresses, contact numbers and clinic hours online.

There are a few things you need to know about STD clinics including:

  • Minors don't have to get parental consent before they can submit themselves to examination and treatment from STD clinics. The diagnostic tests are free and anyone can take advantage of them.
  • HIV support and counseling as well as the rapid HIV testing are provided in these clinics.
  • Whether you want to give out your real identity or provide a false identity, it is solely under your discretion and decision.
  • Results for the examination that you have undergone are placed in writing or documentation so that future medical care is more convenient and easy.
  • Confidentiality in all the information you give out including the results of the tests is upheld at all times. If you underwent examination and testing in an anonymous status, the results are not linked to your name.
  • What do you need to do before you visit confidential clinics for your testing? Do not fast and make sure you have eaten before you report for your appointment or test. Fasting is not necessary for STD testing.
  • Fill out your health form completely and adequately including your reasons of visiting one.
  • If you chose to hold back your real identity, make sure that you provide genuine information about your medical history so that you will have accurate examination results. Only authorized people are allowed to read your chart therefore your records are safe.
  • You will not be called by the name you are supplied. Instead, you will be called according to the number that was provided on the form that you filled up.
  • Only clinicians will deal with you personally during STD testing and assessment. The specimens collected during the assessment may be sent out to be tested to well-equipped laboratory but you will remain in the clinic until further notice.

We have over 4,500 STD testing centers located throughout the United States. All of our STD testing centers offer services for Chlaymdia testing, Gonorrhea testing, Hepatitis testing, HIV testing, Herpes testing, Syphilis testing, and Trichomoniasis testing, as well as other specialized types of STD tests. STD testing is one of the most effective ways to decrease the spreading of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Click on one of the state links above to find a STD testing center nearest you. If your city is not listed, visit our STD testing locations page to pull up a STD testing center by your zip code. Get tested today!